imageFirst off, sorry for the lack of a recap article last week. We took a nice vacation, but we still managed to get the rankings updated – just no story.

So, we figured this week we’d see how the rankings shook out after both Jacob Wheeler’s Elite Series victory at Chicakamauga and Skip Johnson’s FLW Tour win at Kentucky Lake.

To do that, we need to look all the way back to three weeks ago, when the top 10 looked like this:

1. Andy Morgan

2. Bryan Thrift

3. Aaron Martens

4. Mark Rose

5. Jacob Wheeler

6. Brent Ehrler

7. Todd Faircloth

8. Kevin VanDam

9. Jacob Powroznik

10. Cody Meyer

Now? The only two anglers still in the same spot are Morgan – fresh off his second-straight Angler of the Year title – and Thrift. Everything else is a jumble, with Faircloth actually falling out of the top 10 altogether (now 15th), Michael Neal climbing into the top 10 (ninth), KVD climbing to fifth and Wheeler actually slipping to sixth (yes, he won at Chick, but he finished 42nd at KY Lake).

So, what was some of the noteworthy news from the last two weeks? Well, we touched on Wheeler actually slipping despite his win. Remember, is much easier to fall than to climb, so as much as his win helped him, it didn’t help as much as one might think because an eight-place finish from 2012 had dropped off only days earlier. Even still, he had a 748.255 average after the win. Well, his finish at Kentucky Lake was a 745.342, which slightly dipped his average to a 748.083, allowing Ehrler and KVD to jump him.

Just goes to show how hard it is to stay on top, and why what Morgan has been doing is so impressive. But, we’ll touch on that in another article.

For now, let’s show what kind of fluctuations can happen in just three weeks using Greg Hackney.

On June 9 (the day after his win at Pickwick), Hackney found himself ranked 20th. The next day, the 2012 Elite Series event at Toledo Bend dropped off, taking his fourth-place finish. That slipped him to 28th. Then he finished sixth at Chickamauga to climb to 23rd. But on June 24, the 2012 Mississippi River event fell off (he finished 15th), dropping him to 27th. Now, he’s 35th after this weekend’s 138th-place finish, and he’ll shift again tomorrow when the 2012 Green Bay event drops off (he finished 25th).


Greg Hackney was just looking to cut a check. Well, he cut a big one. Heading into the FLW Tour event at Pickwick, Hackney said he simply wanted to make keep himself in contention to make the FLW Tour. But 45 minutes into his first day of practice, Hackney found the spot of a lifetime.

Five pounds down after Day 1. Six pounds down after Day 2. No big deal for Jason Christie. Heading into Day 3 of the Elite Series event on Lake Dardanelle, Christie was sitting in 10th and hardly on anyone’s radar for the win. In fact, the biggest story outside of Greg Hackney leading was Mark

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