000172483_original_650x650Up until the past four days, many fans probably didn’t know the name Brad Knight.

The soft-spoken pro from Lancing, Tenn., had fished the FLW Tour for seven seasons. During that time his best finish in the season standings was 19th, and his number of top 10s … zero.

But four of the best days of fishing of his life have turned Knight from just another angler to something more. He’s now the FLW Forrest Wood Cup champion, albeit one that most didn’t see coming. Then again, maybe we should have.

Knight has quietly been climbing the Pro Ranking the last few years. He has a 641.575 average across all tournaments in the last two years. However, that average has jumped to 668.757 in the last 12 months. He had two top 20s on tour this year and another in a BASS Open. Now after his victory, Knight is ranked 54th overall, ahead of big names like Russ Lane, Gerald Swindle and Clark Wendlandt.

Looking at the rest of the Pro Ranking, there is an interesting development at the top. Bryan Thrift and Andy Morgan have clearly been the two best anglers on the FLW Tour the last couple years, but for the first time since last year another tour angler has jumped ahead of not only one but both. Fresh off his fifth-place finish at the Cup, Scott Martin is now ranked No. 2 overall and is not far behind Brent Ehrler.

On the other end of the spectrum, Shinichi Fukae, a staple of the top 30 in the rankings, has slipped to 44th after his near last-place finish at Ouachita.

Aaron Martens is on fire. Not only did Martens win his second Elite Series event of the season (and eighth overall) on the Chesapeake Bay, he all but locked up the Angler of the Year title barring a catastrophic finish at Lake St. Clair. Of course, that doesn’t even tell the whole story. Get this:

One happened years ago, and the other had never happened at all. Now that the final weigh-in at the BASS Elite Series event on the St. Lawrence is over, there are two noteworthy things to report. The first is that Edwin Evers won over the weekend, marking the first time in the history of the

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