Chris Groh

Spring Grove, IL

This chart represents the points earned for each of the 16 events Chris has participated in over the past 24 months.

PointsFinishDate ▴EventTourTournamentType
518.86852Aug. 26, 2018BASS Elite Series, Saint Lawrence River, Waddington, NYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
150.94391Jul. 2, 2018BASS Elite Series, Lake Oahe, Pierre, SDBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
584.90645Jun. 24, 2018BASS Elite Series, Mississippi River, La Crosse, WIBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
411.21564Jun. 10, 2018BASS Elite Series, Sabine River, Orange, TXBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
130.84194May. 20, 2018BASS Elite Series Texas Fest, Lake Travis, Jonestown, TXBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
542.05650May. 7, 2018BASS Elite Series, Kentucky Lake, Paris, TNBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
224.29984Apr. 29, 2018BASS Elite Series, Grand Lake, Grove, OKBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
504.58755Feb. 11, 2018BASS Elite Series, Lake Martin, Alexander City, ALBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
513.81289Oct. 7, 2017BASS Central Open, Grand Lake, Grove, OKBASS OpensBASS Central Open QualifierBoater
764.22830Sep. 9, 2017BASS Northern Open, Douglas Lake, Dandridge, TNBASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierBoater
715.19046Aug. 5, 2017BASS Northern Open, James River, Richmond, VABASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierBoater
832.48734Jul. 1, 2017BASS Northern Open, Oneida Lake, Syracuse, NYBASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierBoater
380.435115Jun. 17, 2017BASS Central Open, Sabine River System, Orange, TXBASS OpensBASS Central Open QualifierBoater
51.546185Apr. 22, 2017BASS Southern Open, Lake Chickamauga, Dayton, TNBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierBoater
661.61668Mar. 4, 2017BASS Central Open, Table Rock Lake, Branson, MOBASS OpensBASS Central Open QualifierBoater
613.06578Jan. 21, 2017BASS Southern Open, Harris Chain of Lakes, Leesburg, FLBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierBoater
711.40944May. 21, 2016BASS Southern Open, Douglas Lake, Dandridge, TNBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierBoater
938.20212Apr. 2, 2016BASS Southern Open, Lewis Smith Lake, Jasper, ALBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierBoater
844.22132Jan. 30, 2016BASS Southern Open, Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Kissimmee, FLBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierBoater
496.12466Jul. 13, 2013FLW Bass Fishing League - Great Lakes Division, Mississippi River, La Crosse, WIFLW Bass Fishing LeagueFLW Bass Fishing League Qualifier - Great Lakes DivisionBoater
103.825165Aug. 6, 2005FLW Midwest Everstart, Mississippi River, Onalaska, WIFLW Costa SeriesFLW Midwest Costa Series QualifierBoater
45.226191Jul. 24, 2004FLW Midwest Everstart, Detroit River, Trenton, MIFLW Costa SeriesFLW Midwest Costa Series QualifierBoater
873.01625Jun. 12, 2004FLW Midwest Everstart, Mississippi River, Welch, MNFLW Costa SeriesFLW Midwest Costa Series QualifierBoater

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