Chad Smith

Minnetonka, MN

This chart represents the points earned for each of the 12 events Chad has participated in over the past 24 months.

PointsFinishDate ▴EventTourTournamentType
518.91990Apr. 24, 2019BASS Central Open, Lewis Smith Lake, Jasper, ALBASS OpensBASS Central Open QualifierBoater
948.35712Feb. 23, 2019BASS Central Open, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Many, LABASS OpensBASS Central Open QualifierBoater
865.47131Jan. 26, 2019BASS Eastern Open, Harris Chain of Lakes, Leesburg, FLBASS OpensBASS Eastern Open QualifierBoater
555.55613Oct. 19, 2018BASS Open Championship, Table Rock Lake, Springfield, MOBASS OpensBASS Open ChampionshipNon-Boater
963.1907Sep. 15, 2018BASS Eastern Open, Douglas Lake, Dandridge, TNBASS OpensBASS Eastern Open QualifierNon-Boater
546.39289Aug. 4, 2018BASS Eastern Open, Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh, NYBASS OpensBASS Eastern Open QualifierNon-Boater
1000.0001May. 12, 2018BASS Eastern Open, Lake Norman, Cornelius, NCBASS OpensBASS Eastern Open QualifierNon-Boater
975.9626Feb. 3, 2018BASS Eastern Open, Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Kissimmee, FLBASS OpensBASS Eastern Open QualifierNon-Boater
655.17261Sep. 30, 2017BASS Southern Open, Lewis Smith Lake, Jasper, ALBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierNon-Boater
967.4805Sep. 9, 2017BASS Northern Open, Douglas Lake, Dandridge, TNBASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierNon-Boater
993.6712Aug. 5, 2017BASS Northern Open, James River, Richmond, VABASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierNon-Boater
959.3919Jul. 1, 2017BASS Northern Open, Oneida Lake, Syracuse, NYBASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierNon-Boater
608.69646Apr. 22, 2017BASS Southern Open, Lake Chickamauga, Dayton, TNBASS OpensBASS Southern Open QualifierNon-Boater

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