Jason Luszcak

Manitowish Waters, WI

This chart represents the points earned for each of the 2 events Jason has participated in over the past 24 months.

PointsFinishDate ▴EventTourTournamentType
87.336210Mar. 21, 2015FLW Southeast Rayovac, Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, ALFLW Costa SeriesFLW Southeastern Costa Series QualifierNon-Boater
248.996188Jan. 24, 2015FLW Southeast Rayovac, Lake Okeechobee, Clewiston, FLFLW Costa SeriesFLW Southeastern Costa Series QualifierNon-Boater
189.024134Jun. 7, 2014FLW Tour, Pickwick Lake, Florence, ALFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
302.857123Mar. 29, 2014FLW Tour, Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Lufkin, TXFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
142.857151Mar. 8, 2014FLW Tour, Lake Hartwell, Seneca, SCFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
412.429105Feb. 8, 2014FLW Tour, Lake Okeechobee, Clewiston, FLFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
48.000120Jul. 28, 2012FLW Central Everstart, Mississippi River, La Crosse, WIFLW Costa SeriesFLW Central Costa Series QualifierNon-Boater
855.76916Jun. 29, 2008BASS Elite Series, Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, TNBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierNon-Boater
170.854166Jun. 22, 2008FLW Tour, Fort Loudoun-Tellico Lakes, Knoxville, TNFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
896.22612Aug. 12, 2007BASS Elite Series, Potomac River, Charles County, MDBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierNon-Boater
261.68280Jul. 22, 2007BASS Elite Series, Lake Erie, Buffalo, NYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierNon-Boater
45.226191Jul. 15, 2007FLW Tour, Detroit River, Detroit, MIFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
346.734131Jan. 6, 2007FLW Southeast Everstart, Lake Okeechobee, Okeechobee, FLFLW Costa SeriesFLW Southeastern Costa Series QualifierNon-Boater
247.52577Jul. 16, 2006BASS Elite Series, Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh, NYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierNon-Boater
245.09878Jul. 9, 2006BASS Elite Series, Oneida Lake, Syracuse, NYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierNon-Boater
15.075197Jun. 24, 2006FLW Tour, Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh, NYFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierNon-Boater
220.00079Jun. 18, 2006BASS Elite Series, Kentucky Lake, Gilbertsville, KYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierNon-Boater
924.62316Jan. 7, 2006FLW Southeast Everstart, Lake Okeechobee, Okeechobee, FLFLW Costa SeriesFLW Southeastern Costa Series QualifierNon-Boater
525.86256Jul. 16, 2005BASS Northern Open, Lake Erie, Sandusky, OHBASS OpensBASS Northern Open QualifierNon-Boater
830.06527Feb. 6, 2005BASS Bassmaster Tour, Harris Chain of Lakes, Leesburg, FLBASS Bassmaster Tournament TrailBASS Bassmaster TourNon-Boater

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