Data Overload: Table Rock


FLW is renewing its tradition this weekend. You know, the one where they head to the Ozarks.

Aside from last year (when the tournament was canceled due to high water), the FLW Tour has almost always headed to Beaver Lake or Table Rock Lake in the spring.

This year is no different,  with the only new twist being the timing. Instead of going in February or May, The FLW Tour is splitting the difference and going to Table Rock at the end of March.

No matter. We have plenty of data to go around. So let’s start crunching.

Robbie Dodson immediately jumps out as a local to watch. He has a best 903.956 at Table Rock, including a couple top threes last fall in Minor events. Problem is, in three Major events there, his best finish is 31st. Tread carefully.

Want a pick with some top 10s? That’s the man behind Dodson: Stacy King. His worst finish at Table rock is a 42nd. The rest are all top 25 or better, including a PAA win last year. That means he’s never not cashed a check in a Major or Minor event at table Rock. He even has a best 926.871 over the last three years there. In other words, he’s a lock.

So is Jay Yelas. He has an 820.394 on Table Rock AND an 860.876 on Beaver Lake. The western legend seems to really do well in the Ozarks.

What about who’s been hot lately? That would go to Dave Lefebre (874.569) and Greg Bohannan (874.416), as both have impressive scores the last five years. Bohannan  is especially interesting, as he’s a local favorite, but he’s also never won a Major or Minor event on Table Rock or Beaver Lake since the year 2000.

Then there is Brent Ehrler. He’s coming off a win at Hartwell, and is heading to a lake where he has finished first and sixth in his only two events. If you’re leery about the “only two events” thing, don’t be. He also has an 801.660 on Beaver Lake in the 2000s. Yeah, you should probably have him on your fantasy team.

Same goes for Bryan Thrift. He’s almost in the exact same boat as Ehrler. He has a fourth and 25th at Table Rock, and an 827.574 at Beaver Lake.

Some others to watch on Table Rock are Scott Canterbury (918.719),  Mark Rose (845.237), Scott Suggs (833.948) and Clark “Mr. Beaver Lake” Wendlandt (904.696).


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