Media Poll – April 2012


When it comes to rankings, we all have opinions. Now, the opinions on who are the best anglers are now in one place.

The Bass Rankings Media Poll is an industry opinion poll contributed by industry experts. This ranking will deal with Major-level anglers, though the opinions themselves can be based on all levels of tournament bass fishing. In other words, if an expert wants to take into account Minor-level events or he doesn’t, that’s his opinion. We simply combined all their opinions in one place to reflect popular opinion at a given time.

The experts were asked to rank the top 20 anglers on all three Major tours, with the lone exceptions being Ken Duke and Chad Gay, who will just rank BASS and FLW anglers, respectively, as these are the organizations they work for and they will serve to offset each other. If you want to see their rankings, or any of the experts’ individual rankings, feel free to click on their names.

Rank Angler Total
Average placement of
MP contributors
1 Chris Lane 75 2.8
2 Skeet Reese 70 3.5
3 Kevin VanDam 69 3.8
4 Brent Ehrler 56 7.0
5 Edwin Evers 55 7.3
6 Brent Chapman 53 7.8
7 Anthony Gagliardi 48 9.0
7 Todd Faircloth 48 9.0
9 Dan Morehead 40 11.0
10 Ott Defoe 36 12.0
11 Alton Jones 32 13.0
12 Bryan Thrift 31 13.3
12 Randall Tharp 31 13.3
14 Keith Combs 30 13.5
15 Jason Christie 29 13.8
16 Terry Scroggins 27 14.3
17 Tom Monsoor 24 15.0
17 Gerald Swindle 24 15.0
19 David Walker 23 15.3
20 Travis Fox 22 15.5
21 David Dudley 19 16.3
21 Randy Howell 19 16.3
23 Jay Yelas 18 16.5
24 Steve Kennedy 17 16.8
24 Bobby Lane 17 16.8
26 Scott Martin 16 17.0
27 Michael Iaconelli 14 17.5
28 Dave Lefebre 13 17.8
28 Luke Clausen 13 17.8
30 Ish Monroe 11 18.3
31 Cliff Crochet 10 18.5
32 Aaron Martens 9 18.8
33 Jacob Powroznik 7 19.3
34 Andy Morgan 6 19.5
35 Black Nick 5 19.8
35 Stetson Blaylock 5 19.8
37 Greg Vinson 4 20.0
37 Shaw Grigsby 4 20.0
37 Wesley Stader 4 20.0
40 Dean Rojas 3 20.3
40 Scott Canterbury 3 20.3
42 Brett Hite 2 20.5
42 Ron Shuffield 2 20.5
42 Todd Auten 2 20.5
42 Jeff Kriet 2 20.5
46 Shinichi Fukae 1 20.8
46 Tommy Biffle 1 20.8
46 Brandon Card 1 20.8
46 Davy Hite 1 20.8

Our Panelists

Terry Brown

Terry Brown
See Terry’s picks

Terry is the President of Terry has spent the last 25 years in the fishing industry first writing for Bass Times, Heartland Outdoors, and numerous magazines and websites and prior to that was the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of

Ken Duke

Ken Duke
See Ken’s picks

Ken Duke is the Senior Editor of B.A.S.S. Publications and the author of two books on bass fishing, Bass Forever with Glen Lau and The Bass Fishing Vault.

Chad Gay

Chad Gay
FLW Outdoors
See Chad’s picks

Chad Gay is the Director of Public Relations for FLW and has 15 years of industry experience. Chad is currently in his sixth season with FLW and has conducted countless interviews with some of the world’s top professional fishermen.

Mark Jeffreys

Mark Jeffreys
The Bass Zone
See Mark’s picks

Seventeen years after the creation of THE BASS ZONE, Mark and his team comprise a one-two punch of delivering daily, live, on-location interviews with the nation’s top pro anglers.

Jesse Schultz

Jesse Schultz
Bass Rankings
See Jesse’s picks

Jesse is the Social Marketing Coordinator at Bass Rankings and currently competes in the BASS Opens.


About Author

Jesse Schultz is Bass Rankings' Social Marketing Coordinator and a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor of Science degree in SPEA Management. His interest in the fishing industry grew while in college through serving as a President of the IU Bass Fishing Club, helping to develop an understanding for the outdoor industry as well as college and high school fishing. His success as an angler on the college level, including back-to-back FLW College Fishing Central Regional Championships, grew to where he currently competes in the BASS Opens. Jesse's understanding of the social media outlets and the outdoor industry makes him an asset for Bass Rankings and the fishing industry.

You can learn more about Jesse at his website or follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


  1. WHAT?????

    No Cody Meyer on the list at all?

    What’s a guy have to do to get some respect from the “Media” – three consecutive top 7’s (including a 2nd and 3rd at the FLW Cup). FInished last year ranked 15th on the FLW Tour and is currently ranked 4th on the FLW Tour. Don’t get me wrong, he probabably isn’t #1 – but he should be on this list higher than many names I see on it.

    Maybe the “Media” will change their mind when he gets another top 10 on Lake Lanier this year, that is if he doesn’t win it.


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