Movers & Shakers: Mississippi River Fallout


Since last week, there was a 2010 BASS Elite event on Fort Gibson Lake that was dropped and one added on the Mississippi River. On the Majors Two Year World Ranking, David Dudley continues to maintain his lead as #1, with Kevin VanDam maintaining his position in second by replacing his 6th place finish that was dropped at Fort Gibson with a 13th place at the recent Mississippi River Event.

In terms of the top ten, there wasn’t a single change. However, there were a few changes in the top twenty, notably Todd Faircloth improving one place into 13th with his recent win, Aaron Martens moving into 17th place from 21st, and Brent Chapman continuing to improve into 19th place from 25th. Other big jumpers in the field capitalizing off of dropping a bad finish and replacing it with a good are Dean Rojas improving 23 places into 26th, Terry Scroggins improving 15 places into 27th, and Bill Lowen improving 22 places into 48th.

Other anglers moving in the wrong direction after this past week were David Walker dropping 18 places to 51st, Keith Poche dropping 29 places to 63rd, and Marty Robinson dropping 20 places to 65th.

This week there will be an FLW Tour event dropping from 2010 on Lake Guntersville, an FLW Tour event at Lake Champlain, and the BASS Elite event at Green Bay. Watch for some movements this week in the rankings.


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