Movers & Shakers: Minors, Regional, College Update


With the Bassmaster Classic happening this weekend, all other tournaments kind of get overlooked. Fear not, though. We’re still here to check in on the Minors, Regional and College rankings.

In the Minors, the FLW Western EverStart on Roosevelt Lake was the lone tournament. That’s not the tournament that had the greatest effect, though. That would be an EverStart on Lake Guntersville in 2011 that dropped off.

Curt McGuire fished that event and did “eh,” but it was enough to weigh down his average. Without it, he’s now the No. 1 Minors-Only angler in the country. His ascent in 2013 has been quite noteworthy as he’s yet to fish a tournament. Instead, he dropped off his two worst tournaments in his recent history, which allowed his two-year average to skyrocket to the top. For those keeping track, McGuire taking over No. 1 means in one week both the Majors and Minors have had new anglers take over the No. 1 spot.

Two other notable moves in the top 10 are those of Jimmy Reese and Richard Dobyns, who no longer reside there. Reese finished 58th at Roosevelt, hurting his average and causing him to fall from eighth to 26th. Dobyns did even worse, tanking his average and falling from 10th to 45th.

There are more moves, but I want to cover all the tournaments from the weekend. If you want to see them, check out the Minors Only Ranking. Then do a Custom Search for Minors-Only pros from Feb. 20, 2011 to Feb. 20, 2013, with a five-tournament minimum. That will allow you to compare how anglers have moved from last week to this week.



OK, moving on, we had six, yes SIX, Regional events this weekend — ABA Weekend Series on the Kissimmee Chain, and FLW BFLs on Lake Lanier, Toledo Bend, Ross Barnett Lake, Guntersville and Lake Norman.

Despite all those tournaments, we didn’t go three-for-three and have anyone new take over No. 1. Brooke Morrison is still entrenched there. In fact, there wasn’t much movement in the top 10 at all. Mike Jackson moved up from eighth to fourth, and that was it.

There weren’t many moves in the top 20, either. Michael Murphy dropped his worst tournament from a year ago and jumped all the way from 39th to 15th. That’s all she wrote in terms for moves in the top 20, though.


College – School

There were three College events this weekend, making 11 events in total for those scoring at home (one Major, one Minor, six Regionals and three College). However, only the FLW event on Roosevelt Lake posted its results. We are waiting on the results for the GSU Wackem Bait Trail event on Guntersville and the Murray State Kentucky Lake Invitational. Once we have those results we’ll but the data in the system and be able to tell more about the College rankings.


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