Data Overload: Beaver


Things you can count on — death, taxes and the FLW Tour going to Beaver Lake.

Maybe the third one is a stretch, but the Tour has visited the White River impoundment every year since the turn of the century except 2010. So yeah, it’s pretty safe to say the pros know what’s going on at Beaver.

If you follow the Tour, you probably already know the guys to watch, but we’ll still give you a rundown. Plus, it allows us to use our news Lakes (and States) ranking function that can be found on every lake’s page. Pretty slick stuff that really comes in handy for situations like this.

Are you ready? Then let’s start crunching.

First, a quick rundown of favorites (honestly, there are so many it will just be easier this way). Jay Yelas, Jason Christie, Shinichi Fukae, Brent Ehrler and Brian Thrift all have averages above the 800 mark in the 11 events held there since 2000, with Clark Wendlandt, Greg Bohannan, David Dudley, Mike Wurm, Luke Clausen and Andy Morgan right behind them.

Of that list of 11 anglers, four of them made the top 10 last year, and Dudley won it. Like I said, it’s not very hard to pick the favorites at Beaver Lake.

You want someone who’s been hot lately? You’re not going to believe this, but have a look at Glenn Browne. The “you’re not going to believe this” part stems from the fact that he’s a Florida angler known for flipping, yet in the last five years at Beaver Lake he’s finished fifth, 29th, eighth and 34th. That’s a 905.436 average. Dang!

Want two more guys who have been on fire at Beaver? Check out Mark Rose (898.993) and Matt Arey (855.369). Between the two they have two top 20s and three more top 10s in the last five years. Rose has been more consistently in the top 20, but Arey has more top 10s. Just saying.

Here’s a quick rundown of some more pros with averages above 750 in the last five years (in case there weren’t enough favorites already): Randall Tharp, Shad Schenck, Wesley Strader and Dave Lefebre.

Want some big-name guys not to pick? Check out Brandon Coulter (195.134), Gary Yamamoto (231.248), Ramie Colson Jr. (248.044), Travis Fox (337.132 despite living nearby) and Chris Baumgardner (369.500). There are plenty more, but I think we’ve listed enough names for now.


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