Catching up before the final push


imageAfter five straight months of Major events, July finally allowed the top pros to take a breather. We took a breath, too … well, at least from the articles. Rest assured, we added every tournament result we could into our database in the last month (so keep checking your rankings Minor, Regional, Women and College anglers).

That said, August ignites the final push of the season, with the Forrest Wood Cup and final leg of the Elite Series set to kick off next week.

But before we get into that, let’s take a quick at all that has transpired rankings-wise in the Major Ranking since the start of the 2014 season.

Here is what the top 10 looked like way back in January:

  1. Bryan Thrift
  2. Andy Morgan
  3. Kevin VanDam
  4. Edwin Evers
  5. Jacob Powroznik
  6. Randall Tharp
  7. Todd Faircloth
  8. Ott Defoe
  9. Jacob Wheeler
  10. Aaron Martens


  1. Morgan
  2. Thrift
  3. Wheeler
  4. Brent Ehrler
  5. Mark Rose
  6. Cody Meyer
  7. VanDam
  8. Michael Neal
  9. Keith Combs
  10. Martens

That’s a 50-percent turnover! Ehrler, a former No. 1-ranked angler, started the season ranked 18th. Rose was 15th, and Meyer was 11th. Combs climbed his way all the way from 25th, while Neal actually was unranked at the start because he hadn’t fished enough tournaments.

So who has had the best season thus far? Meyer, by the slimmest of margins over Ehrler. In fact, the haves and have-nots certainly seem to be on the FLW Tour this season, as nine of the anglers ranked in the top 10 based on this season’s average fish the Tour. Only Jason Christie represents the Elites, and he’s No. 10.

Finally, let’s tip our cap to Anthony Gagliardi. After being DQ’ed for the season opener, he put together the fourth best season so far in order to make the Cup. He also jumped in the rankings from 86th to 56th.



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