Evers the Optimist (and Champ)


edwin-img_3479Edwin Evers knew if the wind would just blow, he had a spot where he could catch some big’uns. He wasn’t kidding.

Sitting in third and behind by more than six pounds going into the final day of the Bassmaster Classic on Grand Lake, Evers gambled on the chance that a windy forecast might turn on some fish he’d found up the Elk River. But as optimistic as he was, even he probably couldn’t predict he’d have the greatest morning of fishing of his life. Evers sacked up 29 pounds, 3 ounces in a hurry, and blew past Jason Christie to take his first Classic trophy (read a more extensive recap of the action at bassmaster.com).

Now, for the real question: Where does the new champ rank after his win? Right about where he was before …

Evers is ranked 24th, not moving up a single spot despite the win. Why? Because he actually dropped off his third-place finish at the Bassmaster Classic two years ago. So, he essentially swapped out a third for a first, which didn’t increase his two-year average by much. Not that we think he’ll care, right now. Plus, his next two tournaments to drop off are bad ones, so as long as he rides the momentum from his Classic victory and performs well, watch him skyrocket up the rankings.

As for Christie, he finished 18th at the Guntersville Classic in 2014. So he certainly improved his average with his second-place finish. He moved up a couple spots to No. 13.

In fact, most of the pros who did well at this year’s Classic are already ranked so highly that many didn’t moved up much at all. Aaron Martens is still in the top five. Bill Lowen moved into the top 30 (now 27th). Randy Howell actually fell to 39th because his fifth-place finish was worse than his first two years ago (again, not that we think he’ll mind.) Dean Rojas is out of the teens, now sitting in 12th, and Todd Faircloth and Alton Jones now have themselves solidified in the 30s, 31st and 37th, respectively.

As for anglers who really dropped, Justin Lucas, Kevin VanDam and Jacob Powroznik are the most noteworthy based on their previous rankings. Formerly in the top 10, Lucas is now just hanging on to the top 20, sitting in 20th. Powroznik is also out of the top 10, now sitting in 15th. As for VanDam, he’s officially reached the lowest ranking he’s had since we launched our site. The former No. 1-ranked angler is now sitting in 67th.



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