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Year in Review: Elite Series

There are still a few tournaments going on, but in the grand scheme of it all the 2011 season has officially come to a close.

So we wanted to look back on all that was the 2011 season. In this case, who were the pros that capitalized in 2011 and climbed our rankings, and who took steps back. We’ll start with the BASS Elite Series.


The True AOYs

Streaks of success are monumental moments in any sport. They grip our attention and provide benchmarks for future athletes to strive to achieve.

They also stir up debate.

Take Kevin VanDam’s current Angler of the Year streak. It’s one of the most impressive streaks will ever see in our sport, but there are those that wonder if two of his awards should have gone to Skeet Reese.

So, using our Custom Search, we wanted to see if it was true.

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