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KVD Third and First

Think we’re crazy for having Kevin VanDam ranked No. 3? Trust us, the numbers don’t lie. In fact, we’ll prove it.

A poor start to 2010 is weighing him down in our standard two year-criteria Majors World Ranking. However, we recently updated our site to include a one-year criteria to show who is currently the hottest angler. Take a guess who has been the best over the last year. Yep, KVD.


New Trend Feature Shows Hot/Cold Streaks

Slumps and hot streaks – they define every athlete’s career.

Tournament anglers are no different. In fact, one could argue they are more prone to fluctuations in consistency as they not only have to deal with themselves but also things they can’t control, such as weather, fishing moving or the worst, fish coming unbuttoned.

Yet anglers can still get hot, ala Skeet Reese in the beginning of 2010 or Bryan Thrift throughout 2010. And now you can see who has caught fire – or gone cold – with our new trend feature.


Movers & Shakers: TTBC, EverStart Championship Fallout

What a weekend of tournament bass fishing!

Between Dan Morehead’s comeback at the EverStart Championship to the sudden-death fish-off at the PAA Toyota Texas Bass Championship, Sunday was no day of rest. It was a day of drama.

As for the World Rankings, there was more jostling than actual moving thanks to a limited number of anglers fishing. Though there were some noteworthy trends.


The True AOYs

Streaks of success are monumental moments in any sport. They grip our attention and provide benchmarks for future athletes to strive to achieve.

They also stir up debate.

Take Kevin VanDam’s current Angler of the Year streak. It’s one of the most impressive streaks will ever see in our sport, but there are those that wonder if two of his awards should have gone to Skeet Reese.

So, using our Custom Search, we wanted to see if it was true.


Custom Search Updated

If you enjoyed our Custom Search before, you’re going to love it now.

In a constant effort to improve our site and to give our users the most functionality possible, we updated our Custom Search to make it more expansive, yet easier to use, with a new “Lakes” category and a check-box system.


Data Overload: Guntersville

Every tournament has its favorites to win. Some look at local pros as the favorites. Others go by past performances. Yet others simply go on hunches.

We go by numbers, and we have plenty of them. Hence the series “Data Overload.”

Before every Majors event, we want to use our database of stats to figure out who really are the favorites at any given event. We want to know if locals really hold the edge, or if time of year makes a difference with certain pros. We don’t want opinions. Just stats.

Are you ready? Then let’s start crunching.


Major, Minor Anglers Separated in Minors Ranking

Double dipping may be a reality of our sport, but it’s not anymore in our Minors World Rankings.

After fans voiced the want for a Minors World Rankings that didn’t include Major-level professionals, we listened and created separate rankings — one without the pros, and one will everybody.


Rankings Update, Anglers Shuffle

If there is one thing that is always true about the sport of tournament fishing, it’s that it is constantly changing. The same could be said about our World Rankings.

When we decided on a two-year time period, we didn’t want those years to start in January and end in December. We wanted it to be a revolving two years, meaning the rankings have the capability to change every day, just like the sport.

Check out the latest rankings, where Kevin VanDam has moved to No. 2, and various other anglers have shuffled with the dropping of a Majors event.


Breaking Down KVD’s Ranking

Judging by the number of emails, comments and calls we have received since we launched, there seems to be a segment of the fishing population that isn’t convinced about our rankings … actually, make that one aspect of our rankings.

That Kevin VanDam is the No. 3 ranked angler in the world right now.

Like we said from the start, we weren’t looking to defy conventional wisdom or stir up a crazy debate. We simply wanted to create a fair and accurate ranking system, and that system ranked VanDam No. 3.

Baffling, surprising, crazy, downright idiotic – yeah, we have heard all these things from fans in regards to VanDam not being the top angler. But trust us, the numbers don’t lie. In fact, we’ll prove it.

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