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Welcome to Bass Rankings, tournament bass fishing’s authority for angler rankings and stats.

As tournament bass fishing continues to grow and expand, anglers’ interest in how they stack up against one another only continues to grow with it. While there have been a few attempts at ranking tournament anglers, they have been limited to the top-level professionals and how they were ranked. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the tournament-fishing population has been neglected.

That all changes now.


About the Rankings

The Bass Rankings World Rankings are the most comprehensive and accurate multi-year rankings of the world’s tournament bass anglers, from the professionals to the amateurs.

Bass Rankings’ goal since its inception has been two-fold.

First, while there is no denying that professional anglers on the major tournament circuits are the faces of the sport, there are far greater numbers of skilled tournament anglers that are neglected by only ranking top-level pros.

Second, previous ranking systems were designed to create singular rankings that were limited to how they ranked anglers. While they accomplished their goals of ranking anglers over a set and current period of time, we wanted to know more.


KVD Really No. 3? Yes

Let us start by saying that we were just as surprised as you.

Now, before ranting that there is no way KVD isn’t No. 1 or questioning our mental make ups, let us explain.

When we formulated our rankings, we weren’t looking to defy conventional wisdom or stir up a crazy debate. We simply wanted to create a fair and accurate ranking system; a system that used a simple formula much like how a baseball player’s batting average is calculated. Take the number of tournaments at a certain level an angler fishes over a set time period, figure out the percentage of anglers he or she beats in those tournaments, and the average percentage of anglers beaten determines the angler’s ranking.

Just as a baseball player with a .330 batting average for a season is technically a better hitter than one with a .320 batting average, the numbers don’t lie. They are simply fact. As is the fact that Kevin VanDam has beaten 77.8 percent of the field on average during the same two-year time span, which places him as – cue gasps and profanities – the third best angler in the sport right now.


Combs Dominates First Ever Minor Rankings

For the first time ever, anglers fishing minor-level events – BASS Opens, FLW EverStarts and their corresponding championships – can see how they stack up against one another. Meanwhile, fans can monitor this list in an effort to uncover and follow rising stars that are about to make a splash in the professional ranks.

Well, bass anglers and fans, welcome to the future.


Women Finally Recognized

In a sport dominated by men, it’s easy to forget that there are plenty of talented female anglers out there. We wanted to give them their due.

Ladies, consider yourselves ranked.

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