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New One-Year Rankings

You asked for it, and again, we listened.

Since the release of our site, users, anglers and industry personnel have been blown away with the amount of information on our site. Yet the one thing that kept popping up was the want for a one-year world ranking to show who is the best lately. While it was possible to gather that information via our Custom Search, we wanted to make it easier for users to access that information. Hence, you will now find a one-year criteria world ranking for Majors.


Data Overload: Guntersville

Every tournament has its favorites to win. Some look at local pros as the favorites. Others go by past performances. Yet others simply go on hunches.

We go by numbers, and we have plenty of them. Hence the series “Data Overload.”

Before every Majors event, we want to use our database of stats to figure out who really are the favorites at any given event. We want to know if locals really hold the edge, or if time of year makes a difference with certain pros. We don’t want opinions. Just stats.

Are you ready? Then let’s start crunching.

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