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ABA Open Series Qualifier - Texas East Division Boaters
Includes ABA Open Series Qualifiers.
This ranking is based on the past 1 years (12 months), with a 4 tournament minimum, and includes all ABA Open Series Qualifiers.
1Nolan JacksonQuinlan, TX814.851
2Wesley BennettCrosby, TX781.485
3Trent MeneesNorth Lake, TX762.640
4Scott DeanTerrell, TX751.572
5Garret WhitleyQuinlan, TX689.125
6George (John) SimonofJacksonville, AR632.522
7Brian GambillSachse, TX617.021
8Tommy RenfroEustace, TX565.616
9Matthew HelsleyDuncanville, TX559.800
10Randy SpenceWaxahachie, TX533.607
11Mark MitchellMesquite, TX479.959
12Dalton PrattTerrell, TX475.419
13Robert AndersonAlba, TX464.808
14Kenneth BrewerSouth Lake, TX433.242
15Keith GlasbyOvilla, TX371.978
16Joel (Duck) HawkinsIrving, TX358.639
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