Matt Reed

Madisonville, TX

This chart represents the points earned for each of the 3 events Matt has participated in over the past 24 months.

PointsFinishDate ▴EventTourTournamentType
927.27313Aug. 11, 2019FLW Cup, Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs, ARFLW TourFLW CupPro
607.36265Jun. 30, 2019FLW Tour, Lake Champlain, Plattsburgh, NYFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
207.317131May. 5, 2019FLW Tour, Lake Chickamauga, Dayton, TNFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
693.25251Apr. 14, 2019FLW Tour, Cherokee Lake, Jefferson City, TNFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
908.53716Mar. 31, 2019FLW Tour, Grand Lake, Grove, OKFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
823.17130Mar. 10, 2019FLW Tour, Lake Seminole, Bainbridge, GAFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
757.39642Feb. 10, 2019FLW Tour, Lake Tohopekaliga, Kissimmee, FLFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
810.65133Jan. 13, 2019FLW Tour, Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Brookeland, TXFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
553.07381Jul. 1, 2018FLW Tour, Lake Saint Clair, Harrison Township, MIFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
662.98362May. 20, 2018FLW Tour, Kentucky Lake, Gilbertsville, KYFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
287.293130Apr. 29, 2018FLW Tour, Lewis Smith Lake, Jasper, ALFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
219.780143Apr. 15, 2018FLW Tour, Lake Cumberland, Burnside, KYFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
666.66762Mar. 11, 2018FLW Tour, Lake Lanier, Gainesville, GAFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
868.85225Feb. 25, 2018FLW Tour, Harris Chain of Lakes, Leesburg, FLFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
478.49598Jan. 28, 2018FLW Tour, Lake Okeechobee, Clewiston, FLFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
268.750118Jun. 18, 2017FLW Tour, Potomac River, Marbury, MDFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
295.597113May. 21, 2017FLW Tour, Mississippi River, La Crosse, WIFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
537.50075Apr. 30, 2017FLW Tour, Beaver Lake, Rogers, ARFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
981.5954Apr. 9, 2017FLW Tour, Lake Cumberland, Burnside, KYFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
975.3095Mar. 12, 2017FLW Tour, Harris Chain of Lakes, Leesburg, FLFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
607.36265Feb. 19, 2017FLW Tour, Lake Travis, Jonestown, TXFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
121.951145Feb. 5, 2017FLW Tour, Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, ALFLW TourFLW Tour Major QualifierPro
121.49595Jun. 12, 2016BASS Bassmaster BASSfest, Lake Texoma, Durant, OKBASS ElitesBASS Bassmaster BASSfestPro
517.76696May. 15, 2016BASS Elite Series, Toledo Bend Reservoir, Many, LABASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
796.95441May. 1, 2016BASS Elite Series, Wheeler Lake, Decatur, ALBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
487.310102Apr. 24, 2016BASS Elite Series, Bull Shoals and Norfork, Mountain Home, ARBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
757.57649Apr. 10, 2016BASS Elite Series, Winyah Bay, Georgetown, SCBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
537.68893Mar. 20, 2016BASS Elite Series, Saint Johns River, Palatka, FLBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
795.91841Aug. 30, 2015BASS Elite Series, Lake Saint Clair, Detroit, MIBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
719.38856Aug. 16, 2015BASS Elite Series, Chesapeake Bay, Cecil County, MDBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
510.20497Aug. 2, 2015BASS Elite Series, Saint Lawrence River, Waddington, NYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
601.62650Jun. 7, 2015BASS Bassmaster BASSfest, Kentucky Lake, Paris, TNBASS ElitesBASS Bassmaster BASSfestPro
696.51762May. 10, 2015BASS Elite Series, Lake Havasu, Lake Havasu City, AZBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
467.662108May. 3, 2015BASS Elite Series, California Delta, Sacramento, CABASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
792.07943Apr. 12, 2015BASS Elite Series, Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, ALBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
618.81278Mar. 22, 2015BASS Elite Series, Sabine River System, Orange, TXBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
805.12839Aug. 24, 2014BASS Elite Series, Cayuga Lake, Union Springs, NYBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
605.12878Aug. 10, 2014BASS Elite Series, Delaware River, Philadelphia, PABASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
589.92858Jun. 15, 2014BASS Bassmaster BASSfest, Lake Chickamauga, Dayton, TNBASS ElitesBASS Bassmaster BASSfestPro
551.02089May. 18, 2014BASS Elite Series, Lake Dardanelle, Russellville, ARBASS ElitesBASS Elite QualifierPro
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Every tournament has its favorites to win. Some look at local pros as the favorites. Others go by past performances. Yet others simply go on hunches.

We go by numbers, and we have plenty of them. Hence the series “Data Overload.”

Before every Majors event, we want to use our database of stats to figure out who really are the favorites at any given event. We want to know if locals really hold the edge, or if time of year makes a difference with certain pros. We don’t want opinions. Just stats.

Are you ready? Then let’s start crunching for the Bassmaster Classic.

We received some interesting feedback when we decided to include the PAA in our Majors World Ranking. Some adamantly opposed it, while others – particularly professional anglers – applauded the decision.

Regardless of your stance, one look at some of the names in our ranking and it’s clear that some serious talent from both other major tours fishes the PAA. Now, having looked back to see who were the movers and shakers on the 2011 BASS Elite Series and FLW Tour the last two weeks, it’s time to do the same for the PAA.

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