Bass Rankings Suspends Site


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.06.53 AMMore than 65,000 anglers. More than 5,600 tournaments spanning beyond 19 seasons. More than 200 fisheries. Eight years a labor of love encompassing countless man hours.

One website –

What started as an effort to be an unbiased way of ranking the sport’s best (hence the name), Bass Rankings has grown into the largest database for the sport of bass fishing. It is, without a doubt, the closest historically and statistically complete library for professional fishing ever compiled.

Which makes it tough to announce that after eight years, the team behind Bass Rankings has made the decision to suspend the site indefinitely.

Bass Rankings has been a free resource for the sport since it launched in August 2011; a resource designed solely to help anglers and fans in an effort to grow the sport. It has certainly accomplished that and more, and to all of those who have enjoyed and supported the site and us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We’ve truly enjoyed running Bass Rankings, and the support we’ve received over the years from anglers and fans has been what’s kept us toiling long into the nights inputting code, logging tournament data and writing articles.

Those long hours and effort eventually take a toll, though, and competing priorities no longer allow the team to continue providing this resource to the sport. For that, we apologize, as we understand this is a resource the sport needs now more than ever.

We do not want the largest database in the sport to simply disappear, which is why we’ve suspended activities instead of taking down the site. The rankings and data are complete from 2000 through the 2019 season across all levels. There will just be no more additional tournaments entered going forward.

Our hope is that someone comes in to take over the site and carry on the torch, hopefully taking it to levels our team could not due to various constraints.

Regardless, the history of the sport will forever live on within our database; a database and site that we’ve loved being a part of and hope you enjoyed.

Thank you,

The Bass Rankings Team

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Bass Rankings Suspends Site

After eight years, the team behind Bass Rankings has made the tough decision to suspend the site indefinitely.
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