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Movers & Shakers: KVD Back at No. 1, Minors and Women Update

We said if anyone had a chance at ending the revolving door at No. 1 it was Kevin VanDam.

Well, he’s finally made his move in the Majors World Ranking.

When Bass Rankings launched, people were beside themselves that KVD was ranked third. Our argument (and really, it wasn’t an argument. Just facts) was that his poor beginning to the 2010 season was weighing him down. However, with the 2010 Clear Lake event dropping last week (VanDam’s worst tournament in the last two years), combined with his eighth at Lake Okeechobee this past weekend, VanDam jumped from third to firmly into the No. 1 position, with his best time of year about to begin.


Movers & Shakers: Evers takes over No. 1

Another week, another new No. 1 angler in the world.

For those keeping track, the last month has been a revolving door at the No. 1 position in our Majors World Ranking. Brent Ehrler started the month there before Mark Rose took it over. A week later, Kevin VanDam claimed the spot before his 2010 Bassmaster Classic victory dropped off and his 2012 Bassmaster Classic did little to help him. That again left Rose in the thrown.

Now, we have a new king: Edwin Evers.


Database Expanded Through 2000

More than 26,000 anglers competed in Major- and Minor-level bass tournaments since the year 2000, and all of them are now in Bass Rankings’ database.



Welcome to Bass Rankings, tournament bass fishing’s authority for angler rankings and stats.

As tournament bass fishing continues to grow and expand, anglers’ interest in how they stack up against one another only continues to grow with it. While there have been a few attempts at ranking tournament anglers, they have been limited to the top-level professionals and how they were ranked. Meanwhile, the vast majority of the tournament-fishing population has been neglected.

That all changes now.


About the Rankings

The Bass Rankings World Rankings are the most comprehensive and accurate multi-year rankings of the world’s tournament bass anglers, from the professionals to the amateurs.

Bass Rankings’ goal since its inception has been two-fold.

First, while there is no denying that professional anglers on the major tournament circuits are the faces of the sport, there are far greater numbers of skilled tournament anglers that are neglected by only ranking top-level pros.

Second, previous ranking systems were designed to create singular rankings that were limited to how they ranked anglers. While they accomplished their goals of ranking anglers over a set and current period of time, we wanted to know more.