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ABA Open Series Qualifier - Kentucky Division Boaters
Includes ABA Open Series Qualifiers.
This ranking is based on the past 1 years (12 months), with a 4 tournament minimum, and includes all ABA Open Series Qualifiers.
1Sam BossPaducah, KY801.623
2Eric SandersLexington, KY709.914
3Thomas (Tom) O'BryantCedar Grove, TN642.419
4David BrunaughCarbondale, IL571.501
5Ronny WebbDyersburg, TN557.835
6Charlie CraycraftWoodlawn, KY531.491
7Ronnie GetzSunman, IN518.940
8Robert LintonCadiz, KY428.575
9Robert WadeJackson, MO331.719
10Joseph TaylorEva, TN259.255
11Richard TrembleyRussellville, KY192.825
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